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My Picks: Navigating the Business Side of Music

Updated: Jun 3

Updated: June 3, 2023

The professional and legal side of making your dreams come true is just as

important as the creative side. Finding reliable information and guidance about musicians, studios, producers, copyrights, royalties, contracts, publishing and licensing is foundational to a successful songwriting career. The organizations listed below can provide a wealth of information that will help you navigate the business side of music.

Government & Industry Liason

· Texas Music Office (Office of the Governor)

Copyright & Date of Creation Registration

· U.S. Copyright Office

· Songuard

PRO (Performing Rights Organization)

· ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

· BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc)

· SESAC (originally.. Society of European Stage Authors and Composers)

Music Organizations

· NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International)

· Nashville Musicians Association

Streaming & Sync Royalty Licensing & Distribution

· The Mechanical Licensing Collective

· The Harry Fox Agency


· Billboard

· Music Row

· Rolling Stone

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