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Support Services: Recording, Production Branding, Marketing and Photography

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Updated: January 18, 2023

Need a place to record? Looking for a graphic designer, photographer or videographer to get your songs produced and ramp up your marketing? Here are some recommendations to consider!

Recording Studios in Austin, Tx

Recording Studios in Houston, Tx

Recording Studios in Nashville, Tn:

Branding, Web, Print, Graphic Design and Editing:

· Christina Cooper Design Among many other successful projects, Christina designed this website. Contact Christina for more information and start the process of designing your own website!

· Edit With Dash Custom copy editing for cover letters, résumés, admissions essays, websites and social media. Edit With Dash perfects your work and preserves your unique voice. 

· Fidelis Creative  Marketing That Makes Them Move | Branding That Makes Them Melt

· The Matthews Group A Creative Agency For Now.


Video & Film Production:


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