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Support Services: Recording, Production Branding, Marketing and Photography

Updated: Jun 3

Updated: January 18, 2023

Need a place to record? Looking for a graphic designer, photographer or videographer to get your songs produced and ramp up your marketing? Here are some recommendations to consider!

Recording Studios in Austin, Tx

· Orb Recording Studios

· Arlyn Studios

Recording Studios in Houston, Tx

· Wire Road Studios

· Lucky Run Studio

· Sugar Hill Recording Studios

Recording Studios in Nashville, Tn:

· Beaird Music Group

· Blackbird Recording Studio

· Greg Bieck Music

· Castle Recording Studios

· Sound Emporium Studios

· NashTracks

Branding, Web, Print, Graphic Design and Editing:

· Christina Cooper Design Among many other successful projects, Christina designed this website. Contact Christina for more information and start the process of designing your own website!

· Edit With Dash Custom copy editing for cover letters, résumés, admissions essays, websites and social media. Edit With Dash perfects your work and preserves your unique voice. 

· Fidelis Creative  Marketing That Makes Them Move | Branding That Makes Them Melt

· The Matthews Group A Creative Agency For Now.


· Butch Ireland

· Bob Morris

· Mark Sykes

Video & Film Production:

· Frame by Frame

· TX Film Works

· Northstar Media

· The Matthews Group

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