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Songwriter & Music Credits

Updated: Jun 3

Listed below are all artists and songs currently linked as streamed content on this website.

David O Cooper | David O Cooper, Songwriter

Song 1 – Young Heart | Jonathan Gamble, David O Cooper, Amelia Boles, Ryan Tremblay & Nick Lewkowski

Song 2– A Love We Should've Saved | David O Cooper & George M Newcombe

Song 3 – I Need Your Love | David O Cooper & Sarah Cade Rooney

Song 4 – Lifetime | David O Cooper, Josh Bissell, Ryan Tremblay & Trevor Willoughby

Jackson Greer’s Merry Texas Christmas Y’all Album | Jackson Greer, Producer & David O Cooper, Consultant Producer

Song 1 – Christmas All Year Long | Texas Roadrunner Inc.

Song 2 – A Corpus Christmas | Texas Roadrunner Inc.

Song 3 – Christmas Star | Texas Roadrunner Inc.

Jack Houston Demo | David O Cooper, Producer

Song 1 – Life Never Goes Like You Think It Will | Warner Chappell Music

Song 2 – A Man Without a Woman | Almo/Irving Music Publishing

Song 3 – Good Bye Adios | Acuff-Rose Music Publishing

Song 4 – Your One and Only | ESP Music

Lloyd Morris’ Midnight Stampede Album | David O Cooper, Producer

Song 1 – Colorado Trail | Public Domain

Song 2 – Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle | Teddy Powell, Walter G Samuels and Leonard Whitcup (Tee Pee Music Co., ASCAP and Leonard Whitcup Inc., ASCAP)

Song 3 – Cattledrive Lullaby | Jackson Greer (Coyote Jack Publishing)

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